Finis Africae is the library’s secret area in El nom de La Rosa d’Umberto Eco, where dangerous books for the Christian faith are hidden. A mysterious and vibrant place.

Finis Africae is Juan Alberto Arteche ’s unpredictable and magical project after the split of  Nuestro Pequeño Mundo.

And it is also a collective that pays tribute to hidden music. In 2015, Mirandón, Riembau and Pope started to organise gigs and DJ sessions in order to make underground musical Barcelona emerge and, above all, offer a platform where varied musical genres could come together. Inich’s Mali music can be listened hand in hand with Grösso ,  STA’s dub next to Rayo-60’s ambient, Alex Riviriego & Tom Chant’s improvisations together with Miuk’s electronic abstractions. To them we can add artists like Mdou Moctar, Hagal, Medio Mentira, Jacco + De Sucre , Wunderkammer, Fuego, EPP!, Ohmodron, Pablo Rega, C-utter, DJ Jettokli, DJ Sonido Tupinamba, DJ Gonzo, Akron, Mirandón DJ, Popedub DJ, Diego Armando DJ, Sergi Small Axe DJ, Sue Ellen DJ, Cosmic D’Allesandro, Free Dub Ensemble, Evol or Marc Egea. Without them, the audience and venues like El Convent de Sant Agustí, La Farinera del Clot, the Koitton Club, La Maceta or Hangar, Finis Africae would not be possible!

Finis Africae has also made a recent foray as a record label. The collective’s first release is Fuego’s wonderful KIU, followed by a cassette compilation including some of the varied music which was heard in the gigs organised during the collective’s first two years of activity.
Remember: perfection is fascist, like Carles Hac Mor used to say.

Finis Africae Collective’s website

Diego Armando Dj

Diego Armando Dj