A listening session dedicated to Brazil and the country’s fresher music – bossa nova, samba and some touches of funk and tropicalia. Sea transport to a never-ending summer! 

The second collaboration with Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio, broadcast live from Barcelona’s Discos Paradiso record shop during Sonar Festival. With the help of a Taula 4 rotary mixer, world music coexists with abstract electronica during one hour. A perfect match, a deep listening experience!

Rumba and Peret on a pedestal Rumba dance from Havana to Hollywood to Barcelona. A very enjoyable DJ session I did in La Bisbal d’Empordà thanks to Indivendres, my town’s musical activists.

Deep Spiritual Jazz in the Upper Egypt Sessions, where Sr. Galleta invited me to DJ. A two-part session, which can be listened together or separately, the second one with a focus on John Coltrane. Deep listening! Long live jazz!

Mr Gonzo and myself ignited the dance floor with a varied recipe of funk, disco and house. Guaranteed fun, light and darkness combine with a unique purpose – that you don’t stop dancing. Those present in Ocaña club accepted the game rules!

Dub in Sidecar ‒ warm up session for STA
by Finis Africae
Dub is yours truly’s musical obsession, and this is one of the last DJ sessions I’ve made dedicated to the echoes and delays, opening for STA, Spain’s dubmasters!

Diego Armando Dj

Diego Armando Dj